※ iOS users may not be able to see all three tiers (KCON:TACT, KCON:TACT PLUS, KCON:TACT PREMIUM).
If you can not see the JOIN button or the tier you would like to join, you can join through the webpage https://youtube.com/kcon/join.



Please read the instruction carefully before joining the membership.
▶ All membership contents will be serviced until May 31st.
▶ KCON:TACT 3 YouTube membership is serviced from [KCON official] and [Mnet K-POP] channel.
※ [Mnet K-POP] channel only provides KCON:TACT membership. If you want to join KCON:TACT PLUS or KCON:TACT PREMIUM, please join through [KCON official]
▶ Residents in South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, and Malaysia are not granted to access to the membership contents regardless of their purchases. Please visit the platform in your region.
Korea - TVING
Thailand - AIS PLAY
Philippines - gigafest.smart
Malaysia - Astro GO

▶ YouTube Premium and YouTube Channel Membership are two different services. Please join KCON:TACT membership to watch membership contents even though you are YouTube Premium user.
▶ Membership cancellation and refund are subject to YouTube channel membership policy. Please contact Google(https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/1286015) regarding cancellation and refund.
▶ Channel Membership region availability is subject to YouTube channel membership policy. Please check the availability tab(https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7636690)
▶ Line up or schedule can be changed depending on the circumstance.
▶ Only a few performances will be released as FanPick Cam VOD
▶ Detail information for the members will be updated on the YouTube Community tab and Homepage (http://kconofficial.com).
▶ Uploading or live streaming the contents related to [KCON:TACT 3] without permission or a license to do so clearly constitutes “copyright infringement”, and we may takedown unlawful contents without prior notice and take all appropriate legal action.

▶ Join the membership
1) Access join link
[KCON Official] https://youtube.com/kcon/join KCON:TACT / KCON:TACT PLUS / KCON:TACT PREMIUM
[Mnet K-POP] https://youtube.com/mnet/join KCON:TACT
2) Choose one from KCON:TACT / KCON:TACT PLUS / KCON:TACT PREMIUM in the selection tab on the left
3) Click “Join”
4) Make payment
※ The payment method depends on the device you use. If you use iOS in-App purchase other than Android or PC, amount of payment would be different due to Apple’s charging policy. Please check the name of membership tier and perks before you join the membership.

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